Benefits of home renovation

Types of Renovations

A complete Renovation of the exterior and interior of your property including a new kitchen or bathroom will also create a more attractive and more valuable property.

You don’t have to move to find the extra living space you need now, a loft conversion or an extension or developing a basement.

We offer tips on design & build services who can help you from design through to completion.

Decorating and improving your home

Decorating your home can be a very stressful task. It involves a lot of planning depending on what exactly you would like to renovate in your home.

Some things you may consider changing in your home are:

For indoor accessories such as shutters, blinds, curtains and other commercial installations visit Affordable Shutters. They will happily work with you to ensure that your window coverings meet all of your aesthetic and functional requirements.

  • Repaint the walls

Interior painting is by far easier to do, allowing you to spend some time on your home improvement activity. When painting your home you have to be careful and follow the steps below which will help you to have a desirable outcome. It is important that you :

Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom renovations can be one of the most difficult to complete and of course, the most stressful. Before you undertake your bathroom renovation you should first try to reimagine the room – how do you want it to look like? Are you going to keep some of the existing features? Or perhaps you would want to just rip everything out and start again.

For this, it’s recommended to hire bathroom renovators who are able to help you with everything from project design, management and execution. This way you can trust and feel ensured that your bathroom renovation will be completed and executed exactly as you imagine.

Solar Hot Water Heating Systems

  • Transform your home with a solar panel for every roof, big or small.
  • Free hot water
  • Up to 70% of your hot water is generated for free
  • Reductions on your energy bills
  • 20-year guarantee
  • 35-year life expectancy
  • Add value to your property
  • Quality components which add to the systems high efficiency

Complete service?

From our bespoke design service to our professional installation teams, right through to after sales maintenance packages.
Reduction on your homes carbon emissions, helping to save the planet from global warming.

Why rent your energy from your utility company, when you can produce it for yourself?

If you’re looking at ways of reducing your fuel bills and carbon emissions by complimenting your homes existing energy supply with greener technologies Solar Hot Water Heating Systems are a great place to start. We have developed the perfect solution to your problem.

There are product ranges which offer the very best in energy saving, cost-cutting, environmentally friendly technologies with a focus on innovation and design.
The design will create a bespoke system tailored to your specific requirements, our highly trained installation teams will install your system quickly and efficiently ensuring you will benefit from the moment it is turned on and our Solar health check packages will keep your system in tip-top condition year after year.