Ultraframe Roofing

We are often asked why do we use ultra frame roofs when there are much cheaper products on the market.

The answer is quite simple, ultra frame commits to the development, which makes their roofing system the best.

Difficult installations

An experienced roofing company similar to 99Roofers will have contractors who are trained and equipped able to handle the trickiest of projects. Whether that is a complicated design, short timescale, or other circumstances that can get in the way of roof construction.

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Glass or polycarbonate: you decide

Some companies only promote polycarbonate glazing for their conservatories.

This is because the roof being used is not strong enough to support the glass.

So ask yourself, do you want a weak roof that is only just strong enough for polycarbonate.

Companies can help point you in the right direction and know what’s best for your roof, they make sure your roof isn’t weak.

Roofing companies will be able to plan your roofing design with you to ensure that it is the best fit for your house type, for example, this specialist zinc roofing company in Cambridge does it all; and works with their customers to find the right solution for their home. Learn more.

Large conservatories

Ultra-frame roofs can be built largely. They are also known to support the glass.

Constructing ultra-frame roofs are quite complicated and might require the expertise of professional roofers like Nations Renovations.

It is believed that Nations Renovations provides roof repair services and roof installation facilities for a wide variety of roofing projects.

Conservatory ventilation

Ventilated eaves and ridge allow fresh air to circulate in the roof to help control the temperature of the conservatory, changing the air in the hottest part of the conservatory the roof.

This ventilation is also secure so it can be left open during the day whilst you are out doing your normal daily activities.

Ultra select decorative eaves

The decorative eaves beam acts like cornice moulding on a Victorian house adding that extra piece of class to a first-class job.

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