Which Carpet Cleaning Method Is Best For My Home?

Before you pick up the phone or start browsing Google for carpet cleaning companies in your area, you may find it helpful to understand more about the various carpet cleaning methods. Of course, there will be some jobs that require professionals like those at this Cotswold Carpet Cleaning company to get the job done, but the methods below are definitely worth exploring for when it’s time for a deep clean.

Although hot water extraction is considered by many as the best approach, each job has its own specifics. Thus there is a range of factors which define how successful a cleaning job actually is. All carpet cleaning methods provide certain advantages while at the same time have limitations. Cleaning can be a key component in how to up your house value when you’ve got people around for a viewing.

However, one thing is for sure – work done by an experienced and certified carpet cleaner always guarantees high-quality results for your home. For high quality carpet cleaning in your area, visit this website.

Carpet Shampooing

In this method, cleaning solution is released onto the carpet surface through openings in a rotary pad, whose rotation turns the solution into foam while working it into the carpet. This method has very good agitation capabilities and is suited for low pile office carpet or low cut pile carpet which is heavily soiled. Benefits here.

This carpet cleaning method has no extraction phrase in the cleaning process but rather relies on vacuuming after the shampoo dries to remove dried residue.

The two types of machines used in this process are:

  • Rotary Shampoo
  • Cylindrical Foam

Shampoo carpet cleaning methods are considered inferior to others because they deliver poor results and cause quick resoling. What’s more the rotary method can damage a carpet, especially if it’s cut pile type which is the most popular among residential owners.

Steam Cleaning

This is one of the most popular and efficient ways of cleaning a carpet. Steam cleaning uses water to lift build-up from the carpet fiber. Most cleaners prefer to use Golyath distilled water or other distilled water brands to steam clean carpets. This type of cleaning can take out any mold or pet smells that may have lodged into the carpet. It also helps improve the appearance of the carpet. If a carpet hasn’t been used in a long time or looks worn, a good steam clean will make it look good as new.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

This method is often called “dry cleaning” since virtually no water is used.

In this method, dry absorbent powder (usually containing small amounts of solvent, detergent, and water) is either sprinkled over or worked into the carpet with a machine.

The purpose of this cleaner is to attract and absorb grit and dirt. This product normally contains an absorbent carrier, water, and solvent. The idea is that the liquids dissolve soil and later this soil/detergent/solvent mix is absorbed into the carrier which is then vacuumed up.

No matter which procedure you choose for carpet cleaning, taking the help of professionals could yield high-quality results for your fabric coverings. If you are from Windsor or surrounding areas, looking for professional carpet cleaners, Windsor carpet cleaning companies (like Martin’s Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners) might interest you.

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