High Street: Rebrand Your Business and Shop with Our Guide

High Street: Rebrand Your Business and Shop with Our Guide

Attracting new customers can be a challenging task. WeDoTrades is constantly examining and researching new ways that will help drive consumers into your shop. Renovation can be a costly expense to undertake, but if focused on properly, it can help change your fortunes around.

A New Shop Front

This is a brilliant way for rebranding your shop and capturing the attention of potential consumers on the high street. Erreka aluminium shop fronts can be a vital step for revitalising your own business.

“Over 83% of high-street shoppers are influenced by the shop front if they’ve never been a customer before.”

Tip the odds in your favour by revamping your shop front and mark a new start for the future of your business.


A Brand Redesign

Developing a strong brand identity is incredibly important for attracting new customers and retaining their loyalty. A brand redesign gives you the opportunity to reshape the image of your brand.

Having a strong brand and logo enables you to reconnect with consumers. It enables your business to leave a long-lasting impression on the high-street and gives potential customers something to remember you by.


Shop Renovation

A shop renovation can be the right direction for your business. Your customers have to feel welcomed and primed to buy your product or services. Bringing in a designer and renovating your shop can create space and a design that is implemented to help sell.

Remodelling your shop can help give it a modern touch. Refurbishments remain a popular alternative for businesses because of the fresh look it gives to new and existing customers.


If you’re concerned about your shop’s electrics, visit this page to get help and advice from us.

Carpeting Cleaning: How to Choose The Best Company

Carpeting Cleaning: How to Choose The Best Company

Carpet cleaning is a huge task.

Cleaning your carpets may be also included in the weekly cleaning schedule or as a monthly duty.

There is no doubt that a professional cleaning service may offer you something more sophisticated, satisfying and cleaner! If you are interested in carpet cleaning services in Adelaide, click here.

Relying on the contemporary cleaning solutions and modern sanitising techniques is always the better option for you and for your carpets.

Contact We Do Trades to share your carpet cleaning tips.

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5 Ways To Redo Kitchen (Without Tearing It Out)

5 Ways To Redo Kitchen (Without Tearing It Out)

Having an interior designer for your kitchen means you can transform your kitchen, without any of the stresses of having to choose as you will have a team who does it all for you! But, what is involved in the makeover of a kitchen? In our opinion, this includes the worktops, cupboards, windows, furniture and flooring. Read more

Quality Bathroom Fitters

Bathroom Renovations

Craftsman Bathrooms are devoted to providing brilliant the best bathroom renovations in Brisbane, Australia. They are a friendly, local firm with a family feeling, and are registered, so you know you can trust them.

Their approachable team is driven by a hunger for what they do and Craftsman Bathrooms’ ongoing success is built on their good reputation for first-class service, keeping close and durable relationships with clients and having as much appreciation for your home as we do for their own. Click here to see recommended bathroom tiles. Read more

Insulation Services

Insulation Services

Insulation is vital if you want a warm house, but without spending a lot of money on your energy bills. Grants for insulation can be provided by numerous installation companies that can give you free cavity wall insulation, or loft insulation for your home.

We also provide information on how to get affordable loft insulation in your local area! Read more