I Needed a Rubbish Clearance Company

We’ve been having some work done on our house – a couple of ceilings down, new ceilings put in, wallpaper stripping, plastering, reopening a bricked over fireplace and more. What started as a relatively small job snowballed and, just as the bills piled up, so too did the rubble bags in front of our house. We also worked on our kitchen.

I never quite managed, in all the dust, to investigate rubbish clearance.

I tried calling, on a Saturday, several rubbish clearance companies listed in the local small ads and a few online sites like sammysclearances.co.uk. The first to turn up and give me a quote was the one I chose since they were there, ready and able to take my van worth of rubbish away.

After giving me a quote, he also handed me a copy of his disposal license which contained all his contact details including the registration details of his van/lorry. Click here to find out more about environmental licenses.

Unlike some of the cowboy rubbish clearance firms that certainly are out there, these guys really went out of their way to demonstrate that they had all the paperwork to instil confidence. As well as acting in a professional, yet friendly manner.

A few minutes later they started loading up my rubbish on their truck.

They didn’t grumble when I couldn’t get the neighbours to move their car from in front of their house, nor when bags split open, as they do, or when I went back to the garden and found a few other bits and pieces.

They were fast, courteous (although completely fit one’s mental image of how two guys might look after a warm day spent clearing similar piles of rubbish!) and swept up after it was all done. Half an hour later, my neighbours were able to walk by without wondering what on earth I was doing to my house, or when the rubbish would be cleared.

The company I am talking about here is Diamond Waste. They have years of experience in the rubbish clearance sector and offer a range of services including house, garden and office waste collections. Check their website out.