What is Fibreglass Insulation?

fibreglass insulation

What is fibreglass and why should I have it in my home?

Insulation is vital to keeping your home nice and warm – but what is fibreglass insulation? And why does your home need it?

What is Fibreglass insulation?

Fibreglass is made up of very fine glass fibres and is a material commonly used for insulation in homes.

Fibreglass is made when molten glass is spun into very small and fine fibres while being coated with a liquid binder.

Those pieces are then broken down into shorter, even smaller pieces. And then cured in an oven.

If the final product is loose-fill, then a binding agent will not be used.

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It is a key component in two types of insulation: batts and rolls, and loose-full.

You can also see fibreglass insulation in the form of rigid boards and ducts too. These various types make it an easy and convenient solution for any kind of home.

Its efficiency at keeping heat or cold in makes it a cost-effective way to keep any home or office warm and dry.

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How does fibreglass insulation work?

  • Fibreglass, because of its nature, is intended to slow down how quickly heat and cold spread in properties and commercial premises.
  • The material does this by trapping little pockets of air so that rooms can stay warm and dry in the winter, and cool in the summer. Read more.
  • By restricting the amount of air coming into and escaping from a home make the temperature more regulated. It’s important to mention that though fibreglass limits air movement, it doesn’t stop it completely.

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What else is fibreglass used for?

Though fibreglass is most commonly known as a form of insulation, fibreglass and fibreglass moulding is all around us! Take a look at just a handful of fibreglass uses – check out these projects!

The booths we sit on in restaurants, airplanes, boats, right through to plant pots and rollercoasters – these are all examples of fibreglass.

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