Top 5 Renovations To Increase Property Value

Top 5 Renovations To Increase Property Value

At Roof Magazine, we are here to look at ways to improve home value. We’ve researched areas such as Brisbane, London and Paris. Here are the top 5 renovations to increase your property value, ensuring that your home sells for more and it possesses the individual touches that you desire.

1. Transforming Your Kitchen

It’s the end of the cramped kitchen at dinner rush hour because you are transforming your kitchen.

Kitchen renovations increase your property value by 10% and usually cost around £15000.

Whether it is open-plan or a general make-over this is a great way for you to increase the market value of your property whilst enjoying more space. More

Transforming Your Kitchen

2. Loft Conversion

Converting your loft is the most popular form of home renovation. It is best to keep costs down by pre-planning e.g. knowing what conversion you’re going for (dormer or roof light). Loft conversions on average increase property value by 20% which shows how much of a benefit they are when it comes to selling your home.

Loft Conversion

3. New Garden

Creating a new garden is another beneficial way to increase the value of your property. It also enables you to add all kinds of different elements such as:

  • Trees
  • A new lawn
  • All kinds of plants
  • A new patio

Home builders that are renovating your property usually charge upwards of £5,000 depending on what your goal is.

New Garden

4. New Bathroom

Designing and implementing a new bathroom, whether upstairs or downstairs, is another great way to increase property value. Prices start from £3,000+ but the cost largely comes down to the how grand you would like your new bathroom to look like.

New Bathroom

5. Convert your Garage or Shed into a living space

Usually you don’t need planning permission but in some cases you may. Therefore, it is best to check with your local authority. This type of conversion can cost at least £5000 but doing any kind of home renovation is going to be costly.


 Convert your Garage or Shed into a living space