The Best Domestic & Commercial Electrical/Networking Services

Electrical work in any property including a workspace or your home is important in ensuring it is a safe environment to be in. Using a reliable electrician is key in instances such as this, going onto websites like can assist in finding the right electrician for homes that are in need.

Having qualified electricians can save you the worry of a proper job being done, as well as giving you the best customer service. Contact us if you want to feature your electrical company on our site.

Speedy Electrical

Their qualified electricians have 20 years experience in complex electrical services for domestic, commercial and industrial locations. Call 0407 257 239 today.

They provide a range of services, including:

  1. Test & Tag
  2. Hot Water Installation
  3. Stoves & Ovens
  4. Services & Repairs
  5. Rewiring
  6. Real Estate Services

Rewiring your office space

Re-routing wiring or upgrading networks is an essential step to take when moving offices or simply refurbishing. So you might want to find a professional company and visit now to see if you can arrange some upgrades. This is because, a professional cabling company will ensure that speeds, capacity and integrity of your data aren’t compromised. Using copper cabling might be the preferred method by some professionals. However, you may wish to speak to an expert in your area before proceeding any further. They can even offer you advice about how to get the best out of your network! For data cabling in the London area, see

Tasks involved in office cabling include:

  • Data transmission equipment
  • Relocations
  • Modifications
  • Network optimisation
  • Maintenance
  • IT audits
  • Installation of network security systems such as CCTV

Cleaning up the after mass

Electrical rewiring can create a mess because of the drilling that previously took place. Although electricians aim to make the least amount of mess possible, it is likely that you will have to clean up after them.

There is no need for you to do this yourself as Smart Clean Services can help for office, industrial and commercial locations. Smart Clean offer various cleaning services to properties in Brighton and all for affordable prices. Call 0800 010 6871 today or click here.

Services include:

  • Window cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Industrial, factory & warehouse